One Word for 2017

Every year, I choose one word to represent my hopes, dreams and goals for the upcoming year.  I love the one word philosophy.  Choose one word that will drive and influence the year.  Forget the resolutions that don’t happen anyway and leave us guilt-ridden and discouraged.  One word.

In the past, my one word has proven powerful and transformative.  It has also proven prophetic!! I’ve learned to choose my word with great care because it WILL impact my life for the entire year.

This year, my one word is SIMPLIFY.  My life has gotten complicated and busy.  It threatens to overwhelm me sometimes.  I’ve begun dropping balls and being forgetful at times.  I have too much to do and it makes me feel tired even when I’m not actually in need of sleep.  My goal for this year is get a handle on it, to simplify and make my life more manageable and happier.