Farm Share: 7/5

It was a beautiful Fourth of July!  And now we have a beautiful farm share to feed us for the week. This week’s share included:

  • lettuce
  • curly cress
  • garlic scapes (yum!!)
  • snow and snap pea mix
  • Swiss chard
  • cilantro
  • carrots
  • spearmint
  • kohlrabi
  • bouquet (I passed)


We’ll be eating the usual salads this week.  The carrots and peas will go well with the hummus that we made.  Super snacking on veggies and hummus this week!  The spearmint will pinch hit in the Cucumber and Celery Salad with Feta and Mint.

The Swiss Chard will likely end up as a side dish somewhere (haven’t figured out where yet) and the Kohlrabi is still a mystery in our house.  This is why we love having a farm share!  We keep learning new vegetables and new ways of preparing them.