Farm Share: 6/28

No picture this week.  Sorry.  We were crazy busy flying out the door for a wedding and then an ordination the following day (which involved a bit of travel).  No time to do much of anything with the farm share.  We just quick packed it up and shoved it in the fridge.

What we got this week:

  • mustard greens
  • head lettuce
  • mesclun mix
  • curly cress
  • turnips and turnip greens
  • sorrel
  • radishes
  • dill
  • sugar and snap pea mix
  • bouquet

Since my friend Beth asked — here’s what I’m planning to do with all this bounty.  All of the lettuces and cress will end up in salads during the week.  The darker and more bitter greens will end up in a Chinese Stir-fry of some kind.  The radishes and peas will be snacky foods. I might make some hummus this week, we’ll see how the week goes.  The dill will probably end up in a tuna pasta salad (that’s about the only thing I use dill in).  The sorrel will be my project this week.  I have no idea what to do with it.  I didn’t notice any turnips on the ends of the turnip greens when we were frantically shoving this stuff in the fridge.  That’s a good thing:  we’re not overly fond of turnips in this family, so I always end up “getting creative” when we get them (or giving them away).